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War Ships - Kobol's Legacies Guide BookColonial Capital Battleship/Carrier
At least 2500
Primary weapons: Primary and point-defense kinetic energy weapons, conventional and nuclear warhead missiles, fighters and attack craft (Vipers & Raptors).


Length: 1.15 Miles / 1.85 Kilometers
Width: .46 Mile / .74 Kilometer
Height: .20 Mile / .33 Kilometer

Following the end of the First Cylon War, the original battlestars remained in service as other battlestars were built. Their numbers steadily increased to a grand total of 120 ships in the Colonial Fleet. Newer models employed networked computers which had been prohibited during the war. Being networked allows the Cylons to hack the computer systems, disable them with electronic attacks, and render the ships defenseless.

A Mercury class battlestar sports several features not found aboard Galactica such as automated sliding doorways and basic computer recognition stations at vital areas. At the time of the Fall of the Twelve Colonies, a Mercury class battlestar was a top-of-the-line vessel.

The physical appearance of the Mercury class is different than that of the original battlestar. The "neck" section is smaller, and the Mercury class is equipped with eight sublight engine pods, compared to six on the older class. These are also more "boxy" in appearance than those of the original. Unlike Galactica type battlestars, the Mercury class has a full armor "skin." Each flight pod consists of two landing alcoves, one above and one below the vessel's mid-line. Combined with computer assisted landing, this gives the class a faster rate of Viper recovery than previous battlestars.

This, probably the largest of the battlestars, may be able to carry a maximum of 180 Viper Mark VII fighters (six to eight squadrons and one reserve squadron)

The gun batteries on the Mercury class are arranged very differently from Galactica's. Where the Galactica's type battlestars' large guns are clustered along the top side, with secondary batteries concentrated along the flight pods, the guns of the Mercury class are found all over the ship. The greatest concentration of large turrets are found along the side of the ship, within the valley created by the upper and lower halves of the hull, including the flight pods. Four are mounted on the underside of the upper hull on the ship's bow, below which sit four non-turreted large guns; these form the main forward batteries. Two more turrets are mounted on the front and back of each flight pod.

The standard crew complement of a Mercury class battlestar is in excess of 2,500, which is significantly lower than found on a Galactica type battlestar. Despite being larger in size than its preceding ship class, this level of crew appears to make operating battlestars of this class manageable, due to heavy computer automation.

The Mercury class battlestar has production facilities to build new Viper Mark VIIs from basic resources. Unlike Galactica type battlestars, which must retract their flight pods to execute an FTL jump, the Mercury class' flight pods are fixed in place and do not retract during a jump. This suggests that its jump system is more advanced than those of the older battlestars.
(above information based from that collected from battlestar wiki)

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